About Neshi "Yvette" Lokotz

Ceremony and ritual have always been part of Neshi’s life, and she brings these qualities to her teaching and drum making. She infuses her teaching with a sense of the sacred yet also with an underlying feeling of joy, laughter, and passion for the work she shares.

Neshi Lokotz

Neshi Lokotz is a tribal member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, with Ho Chunk Nation and Yaqui Nation descent. She was raised in the traditions of Ho Chunk and Potawatomi since birth. Neshi teaches about Native American hand drums, drumming, the medicine wheel lifestyle, and space clearing through her business, Sacred Hoop.

Neshi has more than five years’ experience making drums and has taught hundreds of people how to make their own hand drums. Neshi has over 30 years of space-clearing experience and has lived the lifestyle of the medicine wheel her entire life.

Neshi is one of only about 100 certified teachers in the world by the School of Remembering for the Awakening the Illuminated Heart method of ascension. Some of these teachers have studied with Drunvalo and his inspired information for years and were hand selected by Drunvalo and the Awakening the Illuminated Heart Council. Neshi has studied Drunavalo’s work for over 10 years and will now be teaching the Awakening the Illuminated Heart meditation throughout the United States, primarily in the Midwest.

Neshi lives in Tomah, Wisconsin.


Public Speaking

Neshi is available for presentations regarding Native American women drummers, drum making, and the medicine wheel lifestyle in a modern world.

Star Nations Magazine

Neshi is publisher and editor of Star Nations Magazine.

Star Nations Magazine is a monthly digital magazine brimming with insightful and fascinating spiritual topics. We bring together spiritual information about Indigenous people, specifically Native American, here on Turtle Island and other indigenous people abroad. Information about Angels, to Feng Shui, spiritual parenting, and being consciously awake to your spiritual path in life is also featured.

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Sacred Hoop with Neshi Radio Show

To listen to Sacred Hoop with Neshi Radio Show on Star Nations Radio Network, visit Star Nations Radio on Blogtalk Radio. Shows listed below begin at 9pm EST.

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