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Here is a listing of shows from 2013-2014.

May 7: Honoring an Ancient Earth Goddess Medb
Join Neshi with her guest Amantha Murphy from Ireland to continue the conversation about the Sacred Feminine. Amantha will share about Bealtaine (Beltane) and the Ancient Earth Goddess Meadb/Medb.

May is the time of the ancient ceremony of Bealtaine. Bealtaine is presided over by the Ancient earth Goddess Meaḋḃ/Medb. Homage to Meaḋḃ goes back over five thousand years here in Ireland. Nearly three thousand years before the coming of the first Celts. It was a time when a chieftain would be chosen to lie with one of the priestesses of Meaḋḃ, at Meaḋḃ’s Rath in Tara, Co. Meath and, by their coupling, would bring fertility to the land and Her people. Amantha Murphy is a Shamanic Healer & Teacher from Ireland who follows the path of the Goddess. She is also known as Seabhean.

She started her work professionally in 1971 as a clairvoyant and moved into trance mediumship and healing within three years. Since then she has worked with, and continues to work with, groups and individuals here in Eire, in the UK, in Canada and the USA.

Her passion is the Land and returning to HER story - working through the Grandmothers and the “Shining Ones”, the Tuatha de Danaan. She has been running Sacred Pilgrimages successfully in Ireland since 1992 and returned full time to her roots in Co Kerry, Ireland in 1997.

May 14: PTSD and Veterans from a Nurses Perspective
Join Neshi and her guest MAJ. Angela Joseph Gaffke, Registered Nurse, to learn about the effects of PTSD and its healing. MAJ. Gaffke is a military nurse who assists others in healing from military Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder (PTSD). This is an important topic and one that profoundly affects the individual, their family and their community. This show is also to celebrate the nursing profession and those nurses who dedicate their lives to others.

May 21: Spirit Dulas – When Spirit Walks On
A 2 hour Special show with Minnie Kansman, Beth Cosmos, Denise Iwaniw and Neshi share about the many beliefs around dying and death and how these beliefs can help or interfere with the natural process of crossing over into spirit. We invite you, our listeners, to consider what are your beliefs around death and dying? Do your beliefs still support your journey here on earth?

May 28: Alchemy in a Modern World - Visiting With The Stone People
From the tiniest grains of sand on a white Kauai beach to the large Megaliths of Stonehenge, forms of rocks and stones have been here throughout the ages and are a grand source of wisdom and healing. During this show we will discuss our fascinating relationships with them, and do a meditation with them to discover how they can assist us in our daily lives.

May TBA: A Memorial Day Show Special – Daughters of Veterans with PTSD
Star Nations Radio Network delves a bit deeper into the effects of Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder on families. Denise Iwaniw, Neshi Lokotz, and Donna Thompson share about the effects of a father’s PTSD on his daughters and how PTSD affects those children who are Sensitives. Join us for this special show about Daughters of Veterans with PTSD.

April 16: Spirit Doula: A Different Kind of Midwife.

March 26: Alchemy in the Modern World

March 19: Spring Equinox Special with Denise Iwaniw and Neshi Lokotz Balance of Light

March 12: Neshi’s guest was Christi Pentecost business coach and co-owner of ZattaChat, a new business training style.

March 5:
Neshi shared the ancient teachings of balance, known as the Path of Sheshat.

Feb 26: Alchemy in the Modern World
Minnie Kansman and Neshi Lokotz discuss the mystical realm of the Devas and Nature Spirits.

Feb 12: Star Nations Radio Network 1st Anniversary Celebration
Come celebrate with us!! Star Nations Radio Network is celebrating its first anniversary! Can you believe it’s been one year already? Time flies by when you are having fun!! Celebrate with Neshi and Denise on Wednesday, February 12, as they combine Balancing Heaven and Earth with Sacred Hoop for 2 hours of sharing, fun and giveaways!

Feb 19: Spiritual Spouses
During the Balancing Heaven and Earth hour, Todd Francisco, (Denise Iwaniw’s spouse,) Paul Lokotz (Neshi Lokotz’s spouse), and Rein Kansman (Minnie Kansman’s spouse) share about their experience and insight of being in a relationship with women who work in the realm of Spirit and Spirituality. The guys talk about how they balance this in their personal and professional lives. Following the Spiritual Spouses Show, at 9 p.m. EST on Sacred Hoop, the flipside will be discussed by Neshi, Denise, and Minnie as they share from their point of view their experience in balancing their spiritual business/life with spouses, family, and friends.

Feb 5: Healing the Warrior’s Heart Neshi Lokotz interviewed Taki Telonidis of the Western Healing the Warrior's HeartFolklife Center and Gary Robinson of Tribal Eye Productions, on Wednesday, February 5, at 9pm EST on Star Nations Radio Network. Taki and Gary collaborated to produce the film, Healing The Warrior’s Heart. Healing the Warrior’s Heart is a public television special that examines the emotional trauma of war through the prism of Native American tradition and ceremony.

January 29: Alchemy in a Modern World Creating a sacred space to support your goals for 2014!

January 22: Tami Gulland, contributing writer for Star Nations Magazine is Neshi’s guest. Tami and Neshi will share about what is most important for your spiritual business in 2014.

January 15: Collage Quest with Donna Thompson. Neshi and Donna chat about how Collage Quest can be helpful to define your spiritual path in 2014.

January 8: Emotional Healing in 2014. Neshi will be sharing about why it is important to focus your attention to your own emotional healing in 2014. The stars, the numerology, and the ancients are telling us that it is most important to turn our full attention to this divine part of us, our emotional body, and heal important aspects for our soul work.

January 2: A Star Nations Radio Network Special Show! Denise and Neshi ring in the New Year with a special radio show to remember the special moments for Star Nations in 2013 and what will be launched in 2014 for Star Nations.

January 1: It's Ed and James with Neshi for another round of fascinating conversation about spirituality from a spiritual guy’s perspective.

Dec 25: Sept 11: Replay “The Blue Star”Happy Holidays! Neshi shares a gift with you. Her interview with guest Christopher Tims replay.

Dec. 18: Winter Solstice Special with Denise Iwaniw and Neshi Lokotz

Dec 11: Alchemy in the Modern World Feng Shui 101- Application Time
Minnie and Neshi have each been studying and teaching Feng Shui for almost 20 years.

Dec. 4: Walking On ~ Physical and Non-Physical Transitions Replay
This week on Sacred Hoop with Neshi, Neshi will share about life transitions.

Nov. 27: Feng Shui 101 ~ A Beginners Mind - Alchemy In a Modern World
What is Feng Shui and how can it help you in your life right now? Join Minnie Kansman and Neshi Lokotz as they share the fundamentals of applying this "art of placement" to your home and your life.

November 6, 13, 20: Cherie Ross
The key element to living and creating your life from your heart is healing your emotional and mental traumas. We have offered many different perspectives regarding this kind of healing. Neshi has found that we all have help from nature through essential oils.

Oct 30: Alchemy In a Modern World

Oct 23: Keeping Secrets – A Wise Decision or Not
We have all kept a secret for someone or ourselves. How and why do we decide to agree to keep a secret? Does keeping a secret help you in your soul growth? Neshi shares about the positive and negative aspects of keeping secrets.

Oct 16: Laura Ann Toepfer, Young Living Oils use with animals and emotional healing
Did you know that our pets can take on our emotional trauma? Animals, like a pet, will try to help us to work through and heal trauma. Please join Neshi and her guest, Laura Ann Toepher, Young Living Essential Oils distributor, as Laura shares her experiences with essential oils to help animals to release and heal from emotional trauma.

Oct 9: Inner Earth Beings – Plasma People with Carl and Ortrun Franklin
This is a very special Sacred Hoop radio show because Carl and Ortrun Franklin, Star Nations Radio Network hosts of The Mystery School and Ascension Hour. Neshi, Ortrun and Carl chatted about what Carl calls Inner Earth Beings and is known to Neshi as Plasma Beings. They talked about Inner Earth Beings and why is it important for us to know about their energies.

Oct 2: Medicine of the West: Drums, Water, Elk, Wolf, Spirit Journey, Gloaming
The Native American Medicine Wheel gives us an energetic template to understand the cycles of all life. Neshi will be sharing about the Medicine or Spirit of the West. In the Potawatomi Nation tradition October is the month of Autumn or Fall.

September 11: Christopher Tims and Neshi chatted about The Blue Star. They chatted about what The Blue Star is and what it means; the return of The Blue Star; its ancient origins; the Blue Man; and the Hopi prophesy about the Blue Star.

September 4: Sacred Drum Making, what makes the type of drum making Neshi does sacred? There are many, many ways to make a hand drum. The drum represents the Universe, all of creation, and also a metaphor for where you are in your life at the moment you make a drum. The seemingly separate bits and pieces of the raw material come together in a unique way for you at that moment.

August 28: Neshi and her good friend Minnie Kansman teamed up to bring to you a monthly show filled with spirit and insight. The name of their monthly show is Alchemy in Today's World with Neshi and Minnie. The last Wednesday of each month on Sacred Hoop, Neshi and Minnie will have a new topic to share with you. In fact, they will pull a random topic from a hat for spontaneous insights and to share their experience and wisdom. To start off the premier show, the topic will be Practical Magic - Using all our gifts and spiritual experience in the real world.

August 21: Oh What A Night!! Denise Iwaniw, host of Balancing Heaven and Earth, and Neshi Lokotz, host of Sacred Hoop teamed up for a combined show. Neshi and Denise discussed being Medicine People in modern times.

August 14: Neshi shared her journey in her work through Awakening The Illuminated Heart. She takes us down memory lane as she shares about her early study of the Mer-Ka-Ba and how she found Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work. Please join Neshi in this recorded show about living and creating your life with your heart. Join us in the chat room and hope to see you there!

August 7: Neshi will shared about Spirit of Water, Medicine of the West. In some Native American traditions the element of water is found in the West on the Medicine Wheel. The west is the destination of the Black Road (east to west). Neshi shared how the element of water can help us understand our emotions our hearts in this age of Illumination.

July 31: Neshi, shared about making your own sacred drum and how to use your sacred drum. Do you have a drum but never use it? Are you unsure of your hand drumming skills? Neshi has some stories to share about this tentative drumming as well as why making your own sacred drum is about connecting to Spirit and to yourself.

July 24: Creativity and the Medicine Wheel
Where on the Native American Medicine Wheel does creativity live? Neshi shared about creativity and the Spirit of South. This is where energy, fire, and passion are found. The Spirit of the South puts the fire under the idea and the passion into the creativity of the idea. I believe this is where we begin to enter that "zone" as we move the art piece toward the Spirit of the West.

July 17: Neshi’s guest was her good friend Minnie Kansman. Minnie Kansman is the author of Spirit Gardens: Rekindling our Nature Connection, and owner of Eco Balance, master teacher and practitioner of feng shui and space clearing. Minnie and Neshi will chat about balancing family, friends, owning their own businesses and also time for themselves. How do we achieve this balance and maintain the balance?

July 10: Neshi was recorded live from Elkhorn Wisconsin where she was teaching Awakening The Illuminated Heart in this south eastern town in Wisconsin. Neshi’s guest was Nancy Thelen, who has taken many different workshops with Neshi. Nancy and Neshi will chat about their experience with Awakening The Illuminated Heart and remembering how to live from their hearts.

July 3: Walking On -- Physical and Non-Physical Transitions
Neshi shared about life transitions. There are many transitions in our physical lives. We experience transitions from childhood to adulthood and also experience transitions from life into death. As we transition from one experience to another we can use the Medicine Wheel as our template to understand these transitions. For example the solstices and equinoxes are the turnings of the wheel and we experience the transitional energies the most at the cross winds.

June 26: Neshi inverviewed Deb Swingholm, owner of Flowering Moon. Deb is a teacher of Walking with the Goddess – A Sacred Journey with the Divine Feminine. She honors the Divine Feminine and women's sacred traditions. Her work draws on the ancient wisdom and spiritual practices of many cultures to bring balance, power and healing. Neshi and Deb discussed the Divine Feminine and how men missing the goddess information and feeling as much as women do as they try to connect with their divine feminine qualities such as being nurturing.

June 19: Heaven and Earth. Denise and Neshi have ceremony to honor and celebrate the Summer Solstice on Balancing Heaven and Earth. Ed Glimme and James Bohonek, owners of the Ethereal Gateless Barrier-Traditional Warrior Hall will be Neshi and Denise's guests on Sacred Hoop as we get a man's take on living a spiritual life as the dawn of the new age.

June 12: Replay of Sacred Hoop Radio Show Feb 27. Healing Medicine of Plants Neshi is replaying her interview Jane Hawley Stevens, owner of Four Element Herbals.

June 5: The month of June is a month steeped in initiation, ceremony and tradition. There are high school and college graduations, weddings, and summer solstice in June. We have an old tradition about June brides, the completion of education and honoring the sun or light on the longest day of the year. Neshi will be sharing about initiation, ceremony and tradition this week. Your are invited to join Neshi in this conversation about; why is ceremony and initiation important in modern times?

May 29: It’s Ed and James with Neshi this week for another round of fascinating conversation about spirituality from a spiritual guy’s perspective.

May 22: Replay of interview with author Elizabeth (Beth) Cosmos.

May 15: Neshi reserves the third Wednesday of each month for Awakening the Illuminated Heart topics. Neshi discussed Mer-Ka-Ba basics.

May 8: Neshi’s guests this week are husband and wife drum makers Gary and Sue Renkema.

May 1: The rest of the story… This week’s show was the second part of the Neshi’s Medicine Dress story.

April 21: Elder Hour is honored to share a visit with Potawatomi Elder, Mrs. Florence Camacho. Mrs. Camacho is Neshi’s mother and they team up again for Elder Hour. Mrs. Camacho is 93 years old soon to be 94. In this Elder Hour, Mrs. Camacho will share her wisdom and experience as a young child in an Indian Mission School near Wittenburg, WI. She will share with you what it was like for her as a child to live away from home during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. You are invited to hear the stories and wisdom from the heart with Neshi and her mother, Mrs. Camacho.

April 17: Neshi offers the third Wednesday of each month for Awakening The Illuminated Heart topics.

April 10: Please join Neshi Lokotz and her guest Christopher Tims for this week’s Sacred Hoop radio show. Neshi and Christopher chat about the development of new thought within the New Age community in the last 20 years.

April 3: Neshi welcomed her guests and friends Ed Glimme and James Bohonek, co-owners of the Ethereal Gateless Barrier Traditional Warrior Hall, in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

March 27: Essential Oils.

March 23: New show called Elder Hour and Storyteller Hour. Neshi's mom was the first elder to share her experience and wisdom with us on Elder Hour.

March 20: Neshi offers the third Wednesday of each month for Awakening the Illuminated Heart topics.

March 13: Native American Medicine Wheel from a Native woman's perspective.

March 6: Neshi interviewed author Elizabeth (Beth) Cosmos.

February 27: Jane Hawley Stevens, owner of Four Elements Organic Herbals


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