The Sacred Drum

Neshi and the Sacred Drum Neshi’s heart connection to the drum began when she was a very young Native American dancer. She danced professionally to the beat of the drum at the age of five.

drum and shawl

Also at a young age, Neshi attended seasonal gatherings of the Dream Drum religion with her mother and grandparents. At these Dream Drum gatherings, Neshi’s heart connection to the drum began. This heart connection is a sacred drum connection. She heard the Drum Mother sing.

At the time Neshi didn’t understand the significance of hearing the Drum Mother sing. According to Dream Drum etiquette, women are in quiet support of the religious drumming and songs. They are not allowed to sing or dance, but they are allowed to pray.

Neshi thought one of the women was disobeying the rules and never said anything because she wanted to protect the unknown woman singer. It was not until much later, at age twenty-nine, that Neshi learned from her mother that hearing the Drum Mother sing was a precious gift. Not all members of the Dream Drum hear the Drum Mother sing.

As Neshi continued believing that women were not allowed to touch a drum, she was content to continue dancing, as dancing is also sacred. In 2002 Neshi had the opportunity to make her first hand drum. This opportunity was both exciting and scary for Neshi.

She felt the heart connection but knew that making the drum went against a long-held belief. Neshi found the drum making sacred, as she felt the presence of the Drum Mother. The following year Neshi was asked to teach a drum-making workshop.

Again, this was an opportunity that was both exciting and scary as Neshi took the next bold step to teach drum making. It has been seven years since that first drum-making workshop, and Neshi has taught hundreds of people how to create and birth their own sacred drums. Neshi feels it is an honor to guide another to birth a sacred drum.



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