Becoming a Spirit Doula Weekend Retreat

A Different Kind of Midwife

MAY 15-17, 2015
Ferris State University
Big Rapids, Michigan


This unique retreat and workshop is based on the popular Star Nations Radio Network show, “Spirit Doulas.”

We have many terms for the death or dying process such as Walked On, Crossing Over, Passing Away, Dying, and Transitioning. There are many healers and Way.Show.ers who have been the support to another person or Being as they are at the end of their physical life and being born back into spirit.

There are Spirit Doulas who are responsible for after care of the departed soul and those they leave behind on the earth plane. Being a Spirit Doula is being consciously aware of the support given to both the person who is dying and to their family/friends. The Spirit Doulas workshop and retreat is designed to share about consciously accepting the responsibility as a Spirit Doula and for those who to know about the cycle of living and living beyond physical death.

A special group of women who have extensive experience in being a Spirit Doula to share their insight and wisdom: Neshi Lokotz, Denise Iwaniw, Sandra Harrick, and Minnie Kansman. The Spirit Doulas are radio show hosts on Star Nations Radio Network. Denise Iwaniw and Neshi Lokotz are the co-creators of Star Nations

Radio Network and Magazine as well as Star Nations Academy and Star Nations Publishing.

Where: Comstock House B&B, Big Rapids MI

The beautiful Comstock House is like taking a step back in time. The Comstock House is an elegant Eastlake brick style home located in Big Rapids, Michigan. D.F. Comstock built this extravagant home in 1896, where it later became the home of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity in 1967. The Johansen Family purchased the home in 2006 and has restored it back to its original state. The Comstock House is proud to be listed on the State of Michigan Historic Places.

Additional Information: Are you from out of the area? You can look for accommodations at the Holiday Inn in Big Rapids, MI or browse the official website of the city of Big Rapids.

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